Sep. 12th, 2015 10:50 am
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I went to see this last night, and it's brilliant. I'm not a huge Tom Hardy fan (I don't dislike him at all; I love his attitude re Mad Max, but I don't go all weak at the knees) but he was absolutely amazing.

About the only thing that spoiled it for me was getting distracted looking at the 2 sets of makeup used to make each of the twins look subtly different; it was absolutely flawless. They'd even managed to give them different scars (not from in-film injuries; old, healed ones).

Yes, there's violence; in terms of goriness it's not half as bad as some 15s, but because it's so realistic (i.e. not ridiculous over the top fantasy one-shot-and-they're-dead minimally bloody fantasy style, it's a lot more affecting and very believable.

Spoilers & content warning )

I don't think I want it on DVD; it's in no way a fun or feelgood film, so I can't think when I'd feel like rewatching. That doesn't stop it being very, very good.
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From [livejournal.com profile] teru_bozu_ebi :) (Although featuring much, much less Godzilla.)

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Wolverine )

Apparently (so the internet tells me) it's the Cambridge Reclaim the Night this Sunday. Is anyone else thinking of going?
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I've just got back from seeing "I Am Legend". When did Will Smith go grey? Sadly, no gratuitous shower scene in this film, but a nice pullups one instead ;)

Mind you, I'd still recommend the book over the film any day, even taking into account my love of pre-moon landing SciFi.

All I've done today is some laundry, some washing up (and something inside the rubber gloves has made my hand smell of cheese, and not even a shower and perfume has fixed it), mucked out the cats, knitted a hat upside down and tinked it (to check whether I had enough yarn, and it looks better with decreases instead of increases), started watching season 2 of Dexter (which is starting to frustrate me. It's a lovely premise for a series - a serial killer who only kills deserving criminals who escape the law - but he's too sympathetic) and read some more Yuletide fics. Speaking of which, Pushing Daisies:

It's Provocative and Twice Upon A Time both treat The Narrator as a real person, and do it very well. The tone and humour of the series is there, and Jim Dale (yes, *that* Jim Dale) could really be reading them.

Predictably, there are a lot of Knitting Detective stories. Knit Picking is one of the best, and doesn't read as if the author was sprinkling in as many knitting references as possible to get their point across.

This Other Life could be an outtake from canon. It's the main canon relationship, done in exactly the right style, and goes some way to showing why I no longer completely dislike Anna Friel.

Finally, Happy Endings Are Hard To Come By is femslash. It's rated PG-13 by the author, so probably worksafe. I shouldn't like this - I don't generally read femslash, and never thought I could accept any non-canonical pairings from the show, but it's sweet and funny and won't spoil things for me if they film a second series.
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[livejournal.com profile] professoryaffle and I went to see Eastern Promises last night, with a couple of her other friends.

Go and see this film. It's quite gruesome in places, but it's very well done violence, has no crazy car chases or shootouts, and much less of a fluffy ending than it could have had (although, as L said, it's a David Cronenberg film - what else would you expect?).

Oh, the eye candy. Mr. Mortensen in an impeccably-cut suit and tie, mending a motorcycle.

On the down side, it did set off my "Oh, ffs, it's just a baby" reaction. It amuses me that I could enjoy the fight scenes, but the shots of the newborn made me squeam.


Oct. 21st, 2007 10:14 pm
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Loved it :)

Not much like the book at all, but still magical enough to go onto my "Buy asap" list.

More films should feature Captain Shakespeare. Spoiler )
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Not as good as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz. Still some pretty funny scenes - mainly where Simon Pegg is bouncing off his 2 comic sidekicks.

It needed more Dylan Moran. This is a conclusion that goes for many things, but not many which include two near-gratuitous booty-shots.

Yes, [livejournal.com profile] hullfire. Two shots of naked Dylan!buttocks. Get thee to a cinema ;)


Feb. 3rd, 2007 01:24 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] sherbetsaucers, you might be interested in this review of 300.

I was looking forward to it.
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Oooh, I went to see Smokin' Aces on Saturday. I probably laughed more than I should have done, but it was very good.
The "twist" was less of one than it should have been, but it was jolly good fun anyway, and it kept me in my seat even though I got horribly thirsty halfway through.

Today = number bashing in spreadsheets, in the boring way. Yes, there *is* a not-boring way, but this isn't it. I'm also tired (because of staying up until I'd finished Sleeve #1 of Mum's cardi) and hot (I'm sitting in a meeting room to "avoid distractions", and the aircon isn't). I want a shower (didn't get up in time this morning, because Professional Benefits Claimant Chav Woman over the road spent half an hour screaming & hammering on her front door to get her Spawn Number 2 to let her in from 3am).

I want ideas for drabbles. Gimme inspiration :)
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As part of my ongoing "Pretend reality isn't" campaign, I went to see two filums this weekend (and I get to include today in the weekend, hurrah). Spoilers within, and more similarities than I'd have expected.

Pan's Labyrinth )

Casino Royale )
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Go and see The Prestige. Not only does if have Christian Bale *and* Hugh Jackman, it has David Bowie playing Nikola Tesla and Andy Serkis and black cats and plot and wow.

And it's got me thinking about spoilers )

Very impressed by Mr. Bale, as always, and very pleased to see dubious morality almost throughout :)

Also, The Departed. Much more humour than I'd expected for a Scorsese film. Who'd have thought it; DiCaprio can actually act. Shame I've got used to thinking about underworld villains as pretty anime men, though; Jack Nicholson & Ray Winstone don't quite have the same appeal...


And, from [livejournal.com profile] the_xtina, a font called Weiss :)

(I love the last line of the example.)
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In other words, I've just seen Severance, and loved every minute of it.
Spoilers and enthusing )
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I'm sure people my age aren't supposed to like Jeremy Clarkson quite this much.

Anyway, I meant to mention the cinema, specifically Inside Man (which wasn't set in a men's sauna) and V For Vendetta.

IM was very good. Chiwetel Ejiofor is fantastic, even without a skirt & whip, Clive Owen was pretty good, and Willem Dafoe superb in a small part. It's clever, understated and stylish, and I'm definitely adding it to my wish list.

V was better. I love Alan Moore's work (though I haven't read this one), I love his literary and historical references, and I love his style. I loved the number of British actors. I love Stephen Fry (always worth the price of admission, ridiculously overpriced snacks and petrol) and I loved how the police in a dystopian future drive Rovers... Yup, this one's going on my list as well, along with the book.

(I also love the MC12 on my calendar this month, but that's a tangent.)
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For a film in which nothing happens, it's amazing. And has the distinction of being the third film (that I can think of) to make me cry. Spoilers within )
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Went to see Narnia last night. )


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