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How To Look Good Naked is a lovely idea, and I really like Gok Wan. The thing is (which I can't write / read without thinking of Aziraphale...), all the people so far look good anyway. Sure, they need a haircut and professional makeup, and the clothes make a difference, but they're all attractive at the start.

What about people with scars? With eczema? Who aren't in proportion? Who are more than a stone overweight?

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Now I'm off to listen to Bowie :)

ETA: Yarn Harlot has the best pictures. The particular one I mean is called "Jacob's great shirt" - you'll know it when you see it :)


Nov. 26th, 2006 05:58 pm
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I was developing a small amount of faith in the Great British Public, so far as reality TV shows went.

Then the MORONS went and made Anthony cry.

How anyone can vote for the MacDonald (snore) Brothers or Ray the One Trick Pony instead of Eton Road and the vision of eyelinered 17 year old prettiness that is Anthony is beyond me. The final 3 should have been Leona, Ben & Eton Road.

Tone deaf, tasteless, wastes of oxygen.

(Though Ben did possibly the best cover of Live & Let Die I've ever heard. Wings' was ok; Guns 'n' Roses was fun, but Ben's was for a Bond who really is more than happy to beat someone to a pulp with his bare fists. And he plays piano like a god. I'm expecting Leona to win, but I'd go to see Ben live.)
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Next time I have a bloody stupid idea, somebody remind me about this one.

On the bright side, being unable to breathe meant I couldn't run fast enough to make my legs ache too badly.

Anyway; round about 1 hour 19 mins, less whatever time the clock was showing by the time I got across the start line. Not bad, considering. It's not too late to sponsor me (please?). I might not have been caught on camera (at least, not the bits the BBC showed) but I did get my name & corset mentioned in the scrolling banner along the bottom of the screen (at about 5.15, on top of a bloke in a Pink Panther costume...).

It rained, lots. I'm very glad I was with the Marie Curie people, and had a tent to stand in beforehand, and that I'd got changed at the gym and so had access to a hot shower and hairdryers (very useful for drying out squelchy socks).

The course had been tweaked slightly from when the maps were sent out; I didn't have to run past Bentley, but instead Bauer Millett around 100 yards from the finishing line. Any further back & I'd have stopped to lick the window; there was a Morgan Roadster (not to mention the red Corvette) behind all the crowds...

If I keep this gym lark up, I'd like to aim for an hour next year (without corset).
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Oooh, yes, that was another thing.

Hurrah! for "That'll Teach 'Em"! Although they don't seem aware of the fact that single sex schools with uniforms, squidgy dinners, smelly chemistry and rigidly-enforced discipline were still around in the 1980s/90s. Christ almighty, do kids these days* have no manners or discipline?

Going from the previous series, I reckon it's safe to say that none of the specifically-featured kids so far will do particularly well. Good behaviour and hard work doesn't make good C4 telly.

The most upsetting thing? Where was the Maths teacher? He was the best bit (well, him & his driving lessons). Bah.

*I'll just get my walking frame, shall I?
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Mmmm, James Martin :) Even if I didn't ever want to know what Anthiny Worrall Thompson looks like naked.

Petrolheads has done one Good Thing. It's reminded me how much I like Chris Barrie, and for that I'll put up with an awful lot of Neil Morrissey.

Evidence that I am, despite behaviour, a Girl - I'm fretting about what to wear to the Classic Car & Bike show at the Ally Pally next weekend. If I'd started thinking earlier, I'd have stopped eating & taken my pvc jeans, but they're - er - straining at the seams atm, and I *really* don't want them to go in a Large Arena. I *could* do the vintage thing, but (a) it's daytime, so my spotty circle skirt's a little OTT, and (b) I can't get into the wiggle dress. The Big Goth PVC Skirt of Doom could work (people would hear me coming) but would need heels to make sure it didn't get trodden on. Or there's the short blue skirt, which I might not be able to fasten. ANd what do I wear with whatever I choose? Oh, the trial of being a girl...

Arse. Big arse, atm.

And I don't appear to have rinsed my hair properly. It's turning my fingers blue.


Dec. 17th, 2005 10:14 pm
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Whee! Hurrah for dancing Yorkshiremen :)

I do think Zoe & Ian should have won; except from when she was ill they were consistently brilliant. COlin Jackson was good, but his attitude annoyed me - while the others were all saying how much they'd miss their partners & the dancing if they were knocked out, he said he'd miss his goal. Darren & Lilia - best improvement, fantastic freestyle dance, & wonderfully down to earth.

*mournful sniff* about James Martin being knocked out last week :(

And will someone please bury Bruce Forsyth? He might just take the hint then that he's past it & creepy.


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