Aug. 28th, 2007 04:55 pm
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Heavens, I almost forgot to submit prompts for [ profile] springkink! I've resubmitted 6 that weren't picked last time, and dreamed up 8 new ones. I think there's some good [ profile] daegaer and [ profile] louiselux bait in there to ease my first few weeks in my new job... < / puppydogeyes > ;)

This time, I will be good. I know I can't do more than a couple of short fics, especially with a move & everything associated with it. Please feel free to kick me if I appear to be doing otherwise.

ETA the bit I originally meant to write:

With all the LJ fuss about underage characters in fanfic / fanart, I'm not sure quite what to think of Jilly Cooper's latest (Wicked). I *like* Jilly Cooper, with all her 2-dimensional expositions and lack of understanding of anyone without a £200k house in the country. It reminds me of growing up during the Eighties :)

I'm less sure how to take sex scenes (not graphic, but certainly R-rated at times, in comparison with much of the fic out there) between schoolchildren. I *know* a large percentage of kids have sex before they're 16, but I'm still not comfortable with it being made sexy in a bestselling book. And, of course, why is it ok for a published author to write things that would get the user kicked off LJ?
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[ profile] springkink is open and taking claims. It's enormous. I'm glad I waited until now; I've made 10 claims as it is, and that was after several were got before I arrived.

Some of the prompts scare me. Looney Tunes? Tom & Jerry? *gulp*

Mind you, I'm really tempted to get my scanner sorted out. I'm getting itchy fingers over some ideas, even though it's been 5-6 years since I last drew in anger. [ profile] vulgarcriminal? I'm around this weekend, if your offer still stands :)

Oh, super.

May. 9th, 2007 04:27 pm
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My home PC is still carrying on as usual - that is, CHKDISKing every time I turn it on. I haven't disabled it (although thankyou, for the instructions) cos I'd like to *know* when it's about to fall over completely.

No, instead my work computer has fallen over. It got as far as letting me enter my power on password, then informed me that it had a "Missing Operating System". Since the hard disk is encrypted, IT are having something of a challenge getting it fixed.

And so I have a stopgap machine with teeny tiny display settings that I can't change and which doesn't have the e-mail address book loaded.

Super, indeed.

Meanwhile, I've been and looked at the [ profile] springkink prompts to date. There aren't nearly enough in recognisable fandoms ;) However, I *did* read through and think, "Oooh, I hope [ profile] louiselux picks that", and "that's been put there in the hope that [ profile] daegaer gives it a good home". It's interesting seeing which from the first round have inspired similar / possible follow ups this time, too :)


Feb. 4th, 2007 02:14 pm
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Why is lace knitting so difficult? It shouldn't be; it's just normal things in different patterns, and is (after all) just a big game of Me Vs the Yarn. I mean, really; even in my worst times, I know damned well that I'm more intelligent than mixed fibres. Thre is no reason for me to be making so many mistakes.

At least Branching Out only has 25 stitches; tinking a row isn't the end of the world. When your row is TWO HUNDRED STITCHES, though, and your yarn is FLUFFY - GNAAARGH!


So, fanfic. Yes, I foolishly signed up for 8 prompts at [ profile] springkink (I had ideas that wouldn't go away). I've started three of them. So far, so good.

Most of the hair-pulling, breast-beating writing angst I see is of the "Oh no! I have no ideas!" or "I can't write smut!" varieties. I, on the other hand (because I just *have* to be different) have found that I have no problem with the rude fun bits. No; what I have roblems with (apart from conversation, because my imagination is hugely visual) is emotions. Because, if a character shows emotion, that implies I've felt that emotion (or read about it in enough badfics to remember the general description), and the teenager still lurking in the back of my head says that's bad, because people will point, and laugh. At this rate, I'll end up with 8 lab reports with bonus Smut sections.

Dammit. I hate teenagers.
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Well, Branching Out is proving do-able in acrylic so I tried it in the RED mohair.

I hate mohair. The fluff was masquerading as a real stitch, and I'd gained one *somewhere* by the end of the fourth row.

So I went & played with assassins some more. Who'd have thought it? I have a nice, self-contained little 250-word ficlet. I still can't do conversations or sex, but 250 words is 2 1/2 times longer than anything else I've written :)
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I've already stealth!pimped this to [ profile] strangefrontier, but for the other SGA / McShep types, go & admire this.


Aug. 25th, 2006 11:11 pm
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Well, we got the necessary done by 7pm, and Manager's #1 child is being part of Background Scene for a tv series on monday, so I don't need to be in on Monday either.

Considering it worked out at only a 46 hour week, I'm exhausted. Mind you, a normal week is only 30 across 4 days.

I'm too braindead even to watch Buffy (season 2, borrowed from [ profile] snapesbabe) so I'm engaging in a futile search for WK fanfic that doesn't treat Farfarello as a retarded near-animal only capable of saying a couple of sentences, or YnM fic that doesn't appear to have been written by 12 year olds who believe that "and they kissed and it was All Better!!!" is an acceptable resolution to a page-long story about two mortal (immortal? whatever) enemies. But maybe I struck lucky in finding [ profile] daegaer, [ profile] mami_san and [ profile] lady_jaida at the outset.

And I'm putting together a "So beautiful it hurts" playlist. Does anyone have any ideas what I should put on it? It's not necessarily a maudlin feeling-sorry-for-myself list; more things that can take my mind off almost anything else, like Hallelujah (kd lang), Possession (Sarah McLachlan), My Immortal (Evanescence) and Father & Son (Cat Stevens). Go on; inspire me.
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I have Fridays off work (gloat, gloat).

I've just had my not-frequent-enough Johnny Depp fix, and have a truly inspired suggestion for any writers out there.

Edward Scissorhands / Freddy Krueger slash.

*ducks & runs*


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