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I hurt all over.

I might also have bought the doujinshi this userpic's from, in a moment of optimism on eBay. It was only £10 incl P&P, so even if it was a Horrible Lie by someone for whom English isn't so much a language as a random collection of words, it won't be *too* bad.

OK; maybe not *all* over. My toes don't ache.

More Monkey

Jul. 9th, 2007 11:33 am
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Despite the flight back from Dubin being delayed, I got back in time for the closing night of Monkey: Journey to the West. Reviews seem a bit hit & miss (knowing the story and the characters beforehand was definitely a help) but (IMO) the ones that give it five stars got it right, and the Guardian got it wrong :) I also want to sent Strongly Worded Letters to almost every single reviewer explaining the difference between monkeys & apes. Gah. At least reading them has stopped me wondering about a couple of things; it really was Su Pollard & Alan Yentob sitting a couple of rows behind me, and Chen Shi-Zheng looks a lot younger in the flesh than on tv. More good stuff here.

Put simply, it's the only show I've ever been to that's got a standing ovation, and it deserved it.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 11:34 am
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Yup. My Evil SuperPower has just been confirmed :)

Our filing room girl is something of a manga fan. We've just had a lovely little Death Note squee, and I commented on the D Gray Man next to her computer (v pretty. No overly-childlike characters. Must Investigate).

She hadn't realised Saiyuki Reload was up to vol 7. nor that it's relatively cheap n Amazon (at least compared with Forbidden Planet)...
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Ooh, I've found rehearsal pictures for Monkey: Journey to the West!

I'm not so sure about the World Premiere being on June 28th though - my ticket clearly says the 26th.

*Is excited*
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I have an opening night ticket for Monkey: Journey To The West :) Fifth row back, centre section :) Yes, I *am* smug :)

Sadly, I doubt everyone'll be quite as pretty as they are in Saiyuki, but still; dancing & singing & acrobats & martial artists, oh my!


May. 14th, 2007 06:31 pm
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Journey To The West.



Anyone want to come with me? I'll book by the end of the week. Let me know preferences for days.
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Saiyuki Reload Volume Seven: So good I squeaked. Ok; I might also have made a kind of "mnuh" noise at the pictures of Hakkai without his shirt on, but admitting such a thing would be frightfully emabarrassing.

Yes. Utter adoration and lack of coherency. "Mnuh" and "Eeee!" sum things up remarkably well, however.

Also! Until The Full Moon volume two! More half-werewolf, half-vampire, gender-swapping lunacy! But I haven't read that yet, so my entirely unhelpful review shall have to wait.

(Oh, Hakkai. Were this any other series, I'd be convinced that he's pretty much due to be killed off. *No* character lives long after I've realised I like them this much.)


Oooh, and the BPAL from [livejournal.com profile] strangefrontier arrived :) Along with a teabag that is neither a condom nor a fortune cookie wrapper, an an Unexpected Impostor Imp!

So, Bewitching Brews: JUKE JOINT
A bawdy, gleefully wicked and unruly scent: Kentucky Bourbon, sugar and a sprig of mint.

Really? In the bottle and on my wrist, it's gingerbread soaked in enough booze for the bottom of a trifle. Definitely more rum than Bourbon; it's a Mojito made with dark rum & muscovado rather than clear ingredients. With cake. If there's mint there, it's wild growing crossbred stuff rather than a freeze-dried genteel sprig.

I like this; it has the nice bits of Hellcat without the sickliness.


Amazon order also included much cheesy metal, thanks to adding an album a week during the Bruce Rockinson Dick Show. Warlock! Threshold! Within Temptation!

Mmmm, cheese :) Technically, I'm a Rod (Dad was a rocker; Mum was a mod; following the Liger / Tigon convention, that makes me a Rod rather than a Mocker), but the Rawk genes are clearly dominant ;)

Oh, Hakkai...


Apr. 13th, 2007 01:35 pm
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I Need more Viney Norman Hakkai & Gojyo (ok, yes, and the other two as well), right NOW.

Amazon tells me that Saiyuki Reload Vol 7 was released on Wednesday, but do Forbidden Planet or Travelling Man have it? Oh, no. That would be far too nice of them.

On the other hand, I did get Bus Gamer, and I'm only up to Vol 5 with my re-read. It'll keep me going until the Real Thing arrives, I suppose.
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I'm re-reading Saiyuki, have finally got around to adding [livejournal.com profile] radiofreebanri, and (as always) am plumbing the depths of the net for readable Weiss Kreuz stories.

All of which has got me wondering: what would happen is Farfarello's earrings were actually youkai limiters? It would certainly make a Saiyuki/WK crossover less unbalanced (if that's the right word for two series full of characters who are just that).

Sometimes, I wish I could write more than ficlets.


Also, I have next week off. No work til 10 April! I'll be visiting the Parent People for a couple of days midweek, so Dad can reassure himself that the Car isn't going to fall apart underneath me, bot otherwise have no plans beyond decluttering a bit (no, really, this time).

Have just found a split end that looks more like a feather than a hair, the number of splits it has. It's quite impressive.
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Saying "It was as bad as I expected" would be an easy way out, and wouldn't let me share the sheer pain of this book with you :D Spoilers, or warnings if you prefer )

Anyway, after that I needed my Saiyuki fix. Only one volume to go now (and it's sat on my shelf, calling to me) and I'm up to date with ...Reload. Dammit, I'm now half-way through two stories where I want to give everyone big hugs and make everything better. The "Burial" arc and - well, Hakkai in general, but especially his interactions with Gojyo - quite appropriately left me feeling as if I'd had my guts ripped out. Comics shouldn't be able to do that to me.


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