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2 cats + 2 worming tablets = gore and A&E and smug cats and entirely separate tablets, right?

Oh no. I know pilling fu. I have no additional holes (in me or clothing), the cats looked surprised & briefly disgruntled, then forgot all about it. And this from the cats who used to need 2 people, a towel and gardening gloves to get wormed.

Go Me :)


Jan. 22nd, 2007 09:40 pm
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Jasper is possibly getting better.

He doesn't have a temperature, nor fleas, nor Unexplainable Bumps. He had a slow-release antibiotic injection, decided that (today) he'd eat 3 Defurrum medicine-disguised-as-treats, and contrived to start moulting handfuls the moment he was put on the examination table, then to stop again on the way home. If he hasn't eaten (not counting the Defurrums) by tomorrow evening, I'm to take him back.

Slightly less worried now. Thank you for all the thoughts & comments.


Nov. 30th, 2006 10:00 am
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Anyone have any idea why Pootle felt it essential to jump on my head at 3am and trample it, while turbopurring like a DBS and dribbling in my ear? So essential, in fact, that even being pushed off twice didn't stop her; she just bounced off the floor & right back onto the pillow again.

Of course, that just woke Sausage up, and he bounced on my ribs until I rolled over & let him snore on my tummy. I'm glad someone got a good night's sleep.

Is this what they call being pussywhipped?
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Pictures of my knitting:

here, and here.

See, I *told* you it looks like a rectum.

It's actually going to be a Klein bottle hat. I'm hoping it looks less - erm - biological when I start the shaping.

(and a couple more of Jasper & Jeremy)
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Car show pictures (including the positively pornographic Griffith interior) are here.

Lavender Hill Party photos (in which I didn't get killed by a mob) are here.

Weasel knitted me a set of Knit!Gear people, and the natural thing to do was to stuff jeremy into the catnip tub to marinate for a couple of weeks. This is the result. I love Jasper's guilty looks :)

One of the Very Important Things that I meant to say last night was this: [livejournal.com profile] pink_weasel and [livejournal.com profile] very_true_thing have an onion chopper that apparently causes the onion to explode all over the kitchen. The original plan was for them to use this to dispose of my body, after bumping me off with the spike on the distaff that Weasel doesn't have.

My vastly superior plan is to scale up the onion exploder and use it on caravans :)

(Nor did I mention the Herby and Spicy panty liners, or the Midnight Ping Pong Playing Bus Drivers.)


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