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Oct. 5th, 2015 10:13 am
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I've just caused a Mexican stretch. (Which is not a racist term, hurrah! I feared, because of English -> Irish "jokes" and a vague memory that US -> Mexican are similar.)

I stretched my foot, because Elsa was lying on it and had surreptitiously rearranged my toes into positions more comfortable for her.

Elsa stretched, presumably because my toes moving without her permission woke her up.

Ripley stretched, because Elsa had stretched and she has too little brainpower to think for herself.

Gambit stretched, because Ripley had stretched into him.

Unfortunately, being touched by one of the girls means PLAYTIME for Gambit. All three of them are now looking rumpled and slightly offended at various points not on the sofa.
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Things which are kitten food:

Rye bread with sunflower seeds.
Rye bread with sunflower seeds *and butter*.

Things which are not kitten food:

The same organic cat food that was top of the "Kitten Food" list last month.

Things which are less kitten food than a betrayal of trust:

Rye bread with sunflower seeds and butter and Marmite.
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Yay, there's another Simon's Cat! Thank you [ profile] viridian_5 for remindng me about him :)

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Comments in my last post reminded me of Tomato Nation and the ass breath entry in particular...
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Firstly: [ profile] nannyo, meet [ profile] lipstickcat. Possibly the only 2 people I know who will be able to sympathise about giving a ferret a pill.

Secondly: Did anyone *not* have a godawful day yesterday? Time seemed to stop at 11.30, nothing got done, nothing went noticeably wrong, and yet I came home wanting to destroy something.

So instead I did some sewing and went round to see [ profile] dr_wez, ate chips & pizza (but drank fruit juice, so that's ok) and watched American Psycho. Er - yes. Now I've IMDBed it to find out what actually happened, I think I want to see it again and appreciate the humour without wondering "WTF?" every few minutes.

Oooh, and (thanks to [ profile] daegaer, I've been watching RH Plus! That is how vampires should be. Well, apart from the never-explained eating real food and going out in daylight bits, obv. But they're all pretty and angsty, and pretty and they fight crime!, and are pretty. And there's biting. Mmm, biting.

I have two episodes left, and then it's back to Bleach and the godawful filler section. The things I do for Renji. Mmm, Renji. (I'm still looking for good, *long* fics...)

I'm off to Stockport tonight (boo hiss) to mow the lawn and sort through my mortgage docs and find out whether we're *actually* allowed to rent the houses in the Mews out. Several people *are* doing so, but one of the viewers that's been round wanted to have it in writing. Realistically, I think the house will be bought as a buy-to-let; all the feedback I've had has been "Too small".

More evidence that my cats actually belong in a cartoon: apparently Cleo was so eager to get back into the house this morning that she ran head first into the fridge. One day, I'll catch little tweeting bluebirds flying around her head.

I've also been finding several followup reactions to the train wreck of the OSBP, and finding that I'm actually starting to get interested in feminism. Not as a bra-burning, man-hating, giving-them-a-bad-name sort, but interested and righteously angry. Which is a definite change from previously being upset by all the fuss and Just Getting On With Things.

I still get worried that one of these Real Feminists will read something I've said and get cross with me, but then I worry about that in regard to everyone and everything. Still, surely wanting to learn is a good start, right? Even if it is rather late?
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Via [ profile] snapesbabe:

*Adds "cat yodelling" to interests*
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I spent mopst of Friday through to a bit of Monday in Norfolk with (takes deep breath) [ profile] nurse_liz, [ profile] kowt and brother, [ profile] nannyo, Mup, [ profile] professoryaffle, [ profile] rms, [ profile] dr_wez, [ profile] minspi, Stubeedoobeedoo, and [ profile] geekpsi. Nobody attempted murder or GBH, nobody drowned in the river, nobody threw a hissy fit, and nobody got lost. Not a bad holiday, really.

Cromer in January isn't recommended for a shopping trip, however. Although, having said that, I did get a couple of lovely necklaces; one red leaf (which I can't find on the Artyfax website), and one silver & pale green enamel one by Pilgrim.

Otehr than that, I ate lots (including fairy cakes made from Real Fairies), drank a bit (but less than I'd expected; I brought home half my beer & more than half my sake), made a tactical withdrawal from a jigsaw puzzle, learned how to play mahjongg (if not how to score it) and passed on the next few Saiyuki volumes to [ profile] nannyo (who was amused as I was about the many varieties of "monkey" insults flying between the mahjongg players).

After dropping [ profile] minspi at the station and finding lunch, [ profile] dr_wez kindly informed me that I looked shattered, so I left him to his haircut and went home. Where Cleo was so happy to see me that she came downstairs and walked all over me, despite [ profile] professoryaffle being in the room, never mind the house.

Then I slept for 2 hours. Mmmm, sleeeeep.

I have a few photos, which I shall upload once at home. For now, I'm trying to remember how to work, hoping my stuffy nose doesn't develop into a Real Cold, trying to avoid the Duo website (*glares* at [ profile] daegaer and [ profile] louiselux) and absently wondering how I can become more feminine. I want to be more feminine. How do I manage this without crossing the line into "crap"?
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Sausagecat survived his trip to the vet very well. He was shouty all the way there & back, but tolerated being weighed (6.1kg! Eep!) and chipped very well. He even purred while the vet was putting the data into thir records.

Oh, but the surgery has rescued an orphan kitten. She still has blue eyes and floppy ears, a little pointy tail and is all wobbly. She's a dark smoky grey and looks as if she'll be a semi-longhair when she grows up. They let me cuddle her and she tried to eat my neck. If I wasn't moving house, I'd be adopting her.

I wanna kitten. *Pouts*
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Pootlecat is hiding somewhere and whimpering to herself. She howled and panted ("yowOOOO ahahaha. yowOOOO ahahaha.") all the way to and from the vets', and clung onto the counter and pretended it wasn't happening whilst there (and she didn't even have her temperature taken).

She's been microchipped (the needle was the size of my arm) and needs to go back in 3 weeks for the topup vaccinations, since the shots had lapsed. WOE.

At least she isn't overweight. She's 4.15kg, which apparently is normal. I dread to think what they'll say about Sausage tomorrow, when it's his turn; I can't blame all the extra on big bones.
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...When I get home from work to find two slightly damp clumps of feathers in the hall.

They aren't large clumps (or even large feathers; they're just-fledged sparrow size). They've just very obviously been pulled out all at once.

What's concerning me is that there's usually a small crunchy bit to go with the small feathers. Small and crunchy like a foot (say), or a bit of a wing (never a beak. Perhaps they taste nice?). I haven't yet found this bit.

Of course, this means I'll find it in my bed tonight, like a miniature Godfather warning for not feeding enough smelly food, or camouflaged in one of the floral splodges on the carpet once the lights are out.

I'm grateful, in a way. If I hadn't been feeding them any smelly food at all, it would have been a mouse, half of which would have been on a short trip to the inside of a cat.

Cat pics.

Feb. 11th, 2007 04:44 pm
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Chloe is one of the cats who waylay me on the way home most nights.

Chester is another and never used to be so tubby. I used to think he was part oriental from his pointiness.

This is Archie, I think - except that Archie used to attack anything when he was brand new, and this one was scared of anything that moved.
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2 cats + 2 worming tablets = gore and A&E and smug cats and entirely separate tablets, right?

Oh no. I know pilling fu. I have no additional holes (in me or clothing), the cats looked surprised & briefly disgruntled, then forgot all about it. And this from the cats who used to need 2 people, a towel and gardening gloves to get wormed.

Go Me :)


Nov. 30th, 2006 10:00 am
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Anyone have any idea why Pootle felt it essential to jump on my head at 3am and trample it, while turbopurring like a DBS and dribbling in my ear? So essential, in fact, that even being pushed off twice didn't stop her; she just bounced off the floor & right back onto the pillow again.

Of course, that just woke Sausage up, and he bounced on my ribs until I rolled over & let him snore on my tummy. I'm glad someone got a good night's sleep.

Is this what they call being pussywhipped?


Jul. 21st, 2006 10:01 am
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I came home last night to 4 hairballs scattered about the house, several feathers, a pile of feathery catsick, and about 75% of a sparrow.

I picked up the partsparrow by its remaining wing, and threw it out of the front door into the bushes. I missed thhe incoming Avon lady by a couple of feet. *Headdesks*

And then, to add insult to injury, I couldn't whinge about it on LJ.

On the other hand, I found several WK vids on youtube and snagged some nice screencaps :)
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(thinking too much about Cat Genesis after my last post)

How different would the Bible have been, had there been a cat in the Garden of Eden instead of a snake?
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Today started fairly normally. Since getting home, though...

Either I have DIY fans for breaker-and-enterers, or the cats have Plans. My adjustable spanner is on the chair next to the computer - *not* on the bookcase at the other side of the room, where it usually lives.

I went downstairs to stir tea, leaving Laibach's cover of "Get Back" playing. I came back to the Beatles' original - at almost exactly the place in the song I'd left.

If these things come in threes, I think I'd better batten down the hatches & avoid all external stimuli.

Hee :)

Aug. 15th, 2005 05:53 pm
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I've had Media Player set to Queen all day, and Pootle's been singing along. Even when I've been out of the room, I've been able to hear her chirping away happily :)

I think she prefers News of the World and A Night at the Opera to A Day at the Races and Sheer Heart Attack, though she shows a particular fondness for "Killer Queen".


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