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Hurrah for Mickey & running away to Paris :)

I still don't understand why becoming a cyberman would be so horrible. Ok; you'd have no emotions, but you wouldn't care that you had no emotions, because you had no emotions.

I can't figure out how to (a) turn .wma files into mp3s, or (b) how to get wmas to play on my phone (the Sony Ericsson W800i).

[livejournal.com profile] strangefrontier, I paid your cheque in today - thank you! Whee, Maiden!

Diet is on hold untilafter the run. I'm not daft. Interestingly enough, I slept wonderfully last night after a 9 1/2" pizza and potato wedges. I wonder whether tonight's Full Vermonty will have the same effect?

What exactly is the point of last.fm? It's tracking what I play, withthe exception of the interesting-and-therefore-badly-tagged things, but - what else? Can I download songs? I've only found the 30sec samples so far. I don't get it.


May. 13th, 2006 08:19 pm
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Doctor Who: Tennant can act, so why is he aping around like a pantomime character as the Doctor? He was fabulous in Casanova but, as far as Doctors go, I'm starting to think I prefer Nine after all.

I'm liking Mickey more & more. I thought he'd been typecast, but he's getting to prove otherwise. And he gets to be the equivalent of K-9, while Rose's alternative is a yappy ratdog :)

Cybermen, ooooo :) Not scary yet (I don't really remember them) but they certainly have potential.

I think what's grating most is that I'm expecting to feel the same about the show now as I did when I was little & watching Tom Baker. Thing is, I've grown up, so plots and acting that might well be equal in sophistication to those of 25 years ago seem gauche and flawed because of my changed perspective. It makes sense; thinking back to Baker's exaggerated facial expressions, the bubble wrap monsters and dodgy lighting effects, there's no way those episodes would impress me now, were I to see them for the first time. The BBC have moved the effects on, but (admittedly without having rewatched the earlier series) the stories and characters don't seem so different after all.


Apr. 15th, 2006 08:04 pm
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David Tennant still has it.

Boy, does he have it.
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[livejournal.com profile] xambrius has just made me realise something.

One theory of the universe is that it has 10 dimensions; 3 along each visible axis, and the tenth being time. How appropriate that we're on the Tenth Doctor :)
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More < lessbrightside >
Oh yes; O2's share of the air is full, so I've managed to get hardly any texts through today. If you haven't heard from me, assume either I don't know you (or your number) or it wouldn't send.

More < brightside >
I have a digital camera! (Canon somthingorother, possibly an Iosis, though that might be the new Ford Mondeo-based concept car instead. With this blood alcohol level, I'm not sure). Anyway, what I have has 5megapixels and no gullwing doors, so probably isn't the 4-wheeled version.

[livejournal.com profile] riksowden - you really shouldn't have, but thank you hugely anyway. I'll give you a big hug & a pint when I see you :)

Doctor Who :) Doctor Who, in pyjamas, quoting the Lion King :) Yup, that's where my Richard Hammond crush came from. David Tennant appears to have less ego as well, which is all good. Very nicely timed episode, too, after James May advocating duelling yesterday :) Note to Self: Self, buy Casanova in the sales.

Camden tomorrow :)


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