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Sometimes (just sometimes), The Community That Shall not Be Named contains a gem. Todays was a link to this rant about clothing sizes.

I used to have problems finding things that went in enough at the waist; big boobs and narrow shoulders meant things that would fit at the front could be used as a rucksack in the back. Now (thank you, surgery & Mirena) I have a normal-sized chest, btu no waist. And shirts are all cut to fit women. *facepalms* Now, if I want a shirt to fit my ribcage, the shoulders hang half way to my elbows. (This is why I like corsets; reduced lung capacity - easily offset by heavng chest-style breathing - in return for having a waist again.)

I think the best example of the vanity sizing comes if you watch "Pretty Woman". I remember us all being horrified when Julia Roberts said she was a size 8, then relieved when we realised US sizes were one (ONE) below the UK equivalent. We could believe she was a UK10; she looked slim, but healthy.

Now, without having changed her actual dimensions at all, I'd be surprised if Ms. Roberts' clothes are sized above a 4.

This is why [livejournal.com profile] designbyclaire should be getting all your custom; she makes clothes that fit, and are better made than pretty much all High Street stuff, too!

(Am at home today; woke up with raspy throat, blocked nose & thumping headache. A dinnerplate sized pizza has helped somewhat.)
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I am not a cylinder. Now can clothes designers please start allowing for this? Also, please could "Petite" ranges start allowing for short backs as well as short arms, and then realise that - on a short torso - boobs will be comparatively closer to the waist than on a long one?

I *did* get a suit, but only because it was half price (hence £63) at Principles, and so I don't mind that it isn't ideal. It's not as if I wear one every day, after all.

This has clarified why I hate being a size 14 as well. When I'm a 12, I'm a sensible shape. I fit into clothes, I'm in proportion (mostly) and don't find that things fit one part of me and not another. When I put on weight, clothes sag, and gape, and pull, and aren't the same shape as me any more. All but one of the pairs of trousers I tried on were too tight on the waist and loose over the hips (or vice versa), and all looked like "old fat person's clothes" - cut to drape, and skim across the lumps, and hide cellulite. They were one step away from elasticated waists sold at the back of the Sunday colour supplements.

At least I found 3 nice jersey tops (Per Una & Planet - when did I become middle aged?) and some nice knee boots with a sensible 2" heel (in Clarks, ferchrissakes - there's no hope).

And, for some reason, I'm now so cold that my nipples hurt, and I'm having to warm them up with a nice cup of tea. Nothing like sharing the pain :D


Nov. 16th, 2006 07:26 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] faerierhona linked to Ninja Kitten!


And I want it now, please.

I'd quite like an actual ninja kitten as well, if possible.

(I do think that "Suspect Device" should be a long lost relative of Anathema, though.)
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Have the stress of too much boring urgent work, too little interesting work, too long grass, too much bum, too much clutter and too few plans.

Went comfort shopping at lunch; bought new £20 jeans from Dotty P's (old Gap ones have a hole where I've pulled them up by belt loops too often) and lots of cheese (smoked, Emmenthal & goats') from the Dutch food market. Also comfort ate; waffle with maple syrup from the market, crayfish salad from Pret and Pretzel (also from Pret).

Now wondering how quickly cheap jeans will lose their shape & go baggy round the back. They have a good flare to them, though; they give me an hourglass figure - below the waist...

Have not heard back from Person Supposed to be Posting Me An Interesting Parcel, nor that Parcel I Posted has arrived safely. Poo.
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Ok; 3 beers & 2 glasses of wine *might* have something to do with it, but I maintain that gettiing to bed around 1am is the main reason I feel so knackered & dead today.

For a "Young Professionals'" event organised by the chartered accountants' students' society, it was actually rather fun. Course, wearing a long pvc skirt & Fallen Angel corset meant that I stood out rather, among the hordes of M&S / Phase Eight / Monsoon slip dresses. I certainly seemed to scare a few people, which was Good (certainly better than pulling them. Pull an accountant? What a horrible thought...), and made one woman fall off her heels laughing (she complimented my outfit but added "apart from the bruises", to which I replied "They were worth it..." It took a few seconds to sink in, but my grin seemed to help).

Lots of money raised for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, lovely food (The Midland Hotel's been taken over since the last black tie do I went to there), the DJ played "9 to 5" and there was a Bentley parked outside on the way out. Not certain I want to think about how the Get Fit Plan is going, though.
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Mmmm, James Martin :) Even if I didn't ever want to know what Anthiny Worrall Thompson looks like naked.

Petrolheads has done one Good Thing. It's reminded me how much I like Chris Barrie, and for that I'll put up with an awful lot of Neil Morrissey.

Evidence that I am, despite behaviour, a Girl - I'm fretting about what to wear to the Classic Car & Bike show at the Ally Pally next weekend. If I'd started thinking earlier, I'd have stopped eating & taken my pvc jeans, but they're - er - straining at the seams atm, and I *really* don't want them to go in a Large Arena. I *could* do the vintage thing, but (a) it's daytime, so my spotty circle skirt's a little OTT, and (b) I can't get into the wiggle dress. The Big Goth PVC Skirt of Doom could work (people would hear me coming) but would need heels to make sure it didn't get trodden on. Or there's the short blue skirt, which I might not be able to fasten. ANd what do I wear with whatever I choose? Oh, the trial of being a girl...

Arse. Big arse, atm.

And I don't appear to have rinsed my hair properly. It's turning my fingers blue.
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Or [livejournal.com profile] nurse_liz's Great Plan is coming to fruition.

Why else would I have gone out shopping for a new pair of jeans (preferably Properly Black; failing that, nice faded 501-blue) and ended up getting beige cords? Worse still - I'm wearing them today.

Maybe I'm not a goth after all?
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Should that be "sole"?
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