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I'm so good at it, I forget good stuff without trying. Says something when it's WK fanfic that reminds me. *rolls eyes*

Mum's MRI on her liver came back clear. The shadow on the CT scan is just a haemangioma, is totally benign, and not worth operating on.

That means she's in remission, and started the Offical 5-year Countdown to being all clear a month ago.

*Waves the "YahBooSucks to Cancer" flag*
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Mum's op seems to have gone well. I've just spoken to her & she's feeling uncomfortable but not in pain, and thoroughly spoiled (PHI >>> NHS). She's still very glad they took the whole lot off, and is hoping Dad will stop fretting now.

She sin't quite sure what she'll be doing in hospital for the 5-7 days she's expected to stay there. Once the drains are out (prob tomorrow, IIRC) it'll just be a case of sitting around, exercising her left arm & shoulder, and recuperating over salmon sandwiches.

It's all sort of stressful, but the stress seems to be at a distance. I can't imagine feeling a huge sense of relief when it's all over; possibly because it won't really feel like that until she's reached the 5-year stage. Maybe it's just becasue I can't affect anything to do with it, and there are more up close & personal things to fret about atm, with the added self-imposed guilt that Mums should be the Most Important Thing on my list of worries.

Bah. Life will be much simpler when I'm a Grumpy Old Man.

(Doesn't my icon remind you of Hamster in the pink Micra? My version's cuter, though.)
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I'm glad I don't work on Mondays. Mum's just gone into hospital, her operation's scheduled for 1.30, and I'm incapable of concentrating on even knitting.

I'm not worried so much as distracted. Mum has the constitution of a Shetland Pony*, has no problems with anesthetics and has been asking for a mastectomy for months, but I know she'll feel rotten for at least a week afterwards** and will be infuriatingly*** low on spoons**** for a couple of months.

Still, the nervous energy has meant I've cleared off the top of my chest of drawers, ready for the Big Box of Knitting Stuff. Now all I need to do (apart from clear out the rest of the house, but That's Just Being Silly) is empty out the Big Box, and fill it with Knitting Stuff.

Good luck to everyone who has exams atm.


* Her own description; she's descended from Shetland fisherfolk (going back 3 centuries, but still), and says she's "built for comfort, not for speed" - a description with which I fully empathise.

** From personal experience of breast surgery.

*** She'll be the one infuriated by it.

**** She loves this idea.
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Good grief, I have insanity on both sides of my family.

The scene - showing off my knitting to the Parent People & pointing out the mostly-Merino-some-microfibre-and-some-cashmere fibre content of the wool.

Me - I can't wear any wool other than Merino. It doesn't agree with me.

Dad - Why? Does it make you go Moo?

Me & Mum - O.o
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I'm going to base this on [livejournal.com profile] annwfyn's 4 pillars idea, cos it's handy.
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