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The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping, catching up on LJ, sleeping, spending far too much in the John Lewis sales (although I didn't buy any shoes!), sleeping, realising just how much red & black yarn I now have, and sleeping.

I have a Plan for a Pi jumper; striped 3 rows of red, 1 black, 4 red, 1 black, 5 red, 9 black, etc. Also a frilly-edged alpaca cardigan (red with a balck frill, or possibly the other way around). Then I have to find things to knit with 6 skeins of Debbie Bliss pure silk in bright turquoise, and 4 in dark purply blue, and the Stash will be back to pre-weekend levels.


Also, *gloat* and *chortle* and *rubs hands together*. Explanations later in the week :)
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My computer thinks it's sick. *Every time* I boot it up, it runs a chkdisk. Today, I stuck it into safe mode, defragged it (and boy, does that take a long time these days) and chkdisked it again, closed it down properly & rebooted - and it's still happeneing.

I run Ad-Aware & AVG regularly, and neither have shown anything. Suggestions for what to try next would be lovely, but bear in mind they'll be met with a response of "Ok - how do I do that?" unless you explain v-e-r-y slowly in the first place.

Mum linked me here - looks interesting, especially for all these "Oh look, I've forgotten Project 365 again, so I'll take a picture of my toes" pictures.

I finished my socks. I have hand-knitted socks that fit and don't fall down or cut off my circulation. Im waiting for the Reality Police to come calling, cos this sort of thing doesn't happen to me.

More yarn - I have some Rowan Tapestry from the John Lewis sale, and want to make a Useful Bag from it. How much does it felt? I've worked out the area I can knit on the recommended needle size (or do I need bigger needles, if I'll be shrinking it all later?) but what will that end up as, after the washing machine?


Mar. 17th, 2007 06:57 pm
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40 Hours To Car!

Today, I remembered to post a Mother's Day card, picked up a prescription before I ran out, had some boots resoled, and knitted the rib at the top of a sock. I Hate DPNs. Not quite as much as I did when I started, but the first two rounds? Sheer Hell and Frustration. If it were possible to stab DPNs with DPNs, I would have done.

I also got sidetracked by [livejournal.com profile] brit_knits and conned into buying some of this and a book of patterns. Now I'm wondering whether I should have got this or this instead. Or all three, seeing as it's cheaper than on the Texere website. Because, you know, I can still get into my spare room. Ooops.

[livejournal.com profile] snapesbabe caused me to take a Myers-Briggs test (two, actually). Oddly, I came out as an ISTJ on each; the description of ISTP is much closer to how I feel and see myself behaving. Oh, for the halcyon days pre-depression of being an INTJ posterchild and always knowing I was right...
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Mum's just sent me a link to this and suggested it could apply to yarn as well. Having visited "Wool" in Stockport today, and ended up with enough sock yarn for three pairs (2 of Colinette's "Jitterbug" and 2 balls of a mottly grey-blue wool mix) and 2 balls of Louisa Harding's Kimono angora in pink and ice cream swirls, I wholeheartedly agree.
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Today was a semi-malingering day. I'm still not well, but managed to get out to Boots and Hobbycraft (which is next door to Boots, so less cheeky than it could have been) this afternoon. Typically for me, I wanted beads in a size / colour combination that don't appear to exist - either I could get 3mm beads in cheap-fake-pearl colours, *or* a differnt size in a colour I wanted. Also typically, I've bought two colourways because I still haven't decided which I'm going to make the gloves in pic 20/24 in. I want to do pics 13 & 14 as well, and have enough yarn - but I'm not sure which colourways to use for which thing. I have one ball of Jay, and two of each of New Storm and Raphael. Except that the New Storm would look lovely as the gloves, but Jay & Raphael don't go together at all, and if I do the gloves in Jay I'll also want them in New Storm, and then won't wear the Jay ones, and however much I love the Raphael as a colour, it won't go with anything else I wear unless I mix it with monochrome. I think I'm going to have to buy some more yarn. Woe.

Boudica update )
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Jan. 14th, 2007 07:07 pm
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And also, ennui.

John Lewis had lots & lots of yarn on sale today, but it was almost all the colour a cat's diarrhoea would be, had it eaten a violently-luminous curry the night before. What wasn't horridly coloured either had a tacky metallic thread spun in, or there was only one ball of it (and there's only so many times I can convince myself a lone ball would make a nice hat*. I only have one head, after all, and haven't yet managed to lose my pseudo-dead squirrel one).

The few balls that were none of the above are now waiting to be added to the Official Yarn Stash. I have 4 balls of Big Wool Fusion (I think in Gooseberry), for which I have no plans beyond dying a less revolting shade. Actually, anything that doens't make me think "Mmm, urine" would be less revolting, so this shouldn't be too tricky. I have 3 balls of Jaeger's Trinity (one white & two pale green), and two of Rowan Spray, in Seascape.

And then I forgot to put the turkey pieces in the fridge to thaw yesterday, so I didn't trust them after they'd sat on the counter for 24 hours. The tuna has freezer burn, so is becoming soup instead of steaks. It's probably burned now. I need a housewife.

On the other hand, I have Saiyuki up to volume 6, a lovely purple suede jacket, and an Alexander McQueen "Kingdom" (aka the "fresh sweat" perfume)gift set for £25. And cats. And an Iron Maiden (baby) quote in a WK icon.

* [livejournal.com profile] claire_wain, what pattern do you use for your knitted hats? The free online ones I've found haven't made up into anything that wanted to stay on my head.
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Good grief, I have insanity on both sides of my family.

The scene - showing off my knitting to the Parent People & pointing out the mostly-Merino-some-microfibre-and-some-cashmere fibre content of the wool.

Me - I can't wear any wool other than Merino. It doesn't agree with me.

Dad - Why? Does it make you go Moo?

Me & Mum - O.o
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(Killing time while waiting for client to call back)

WHY is knitting wool so expensive? Not only the posh crafty stuff like Colinette; even mostly-acrylic chunky wool is about £3 a ball, and you need at least 10 balls to make a jumper. For *actual* wool, not the stuff Proper Knitters call "yarn", you're looking at £5 a ball, or £8 for merino or lambswool. Since I get itchy from Actual Wool other than merino, cashmere & Colinette, I'm going to be very poor, very quickly :(

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The Colinette order's arrived :)

[livejournal.com profile] becky_spence, how would you like me to get yours to you? I'm in the city centre Tues - Fri and working until 23rd, or I can post it.
[livejournal.com profile] nurse_liz and [livejournal.com profile] nannyo, is New Year's ok?

So far as who gets which bag goes, I've claimed the one with a hank of plain black 0.5 in :) We can always trade bits & pieces. And don't worry about postage; one 1kg bag would have been £5 due to them using InterLink, and the extra stuff added a whole 80p. I really CBA to split that :)

Whee, Colinette!
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I'm caving in & joining the knitting craze.

Would anyone would like to join in with a Colinette order? Let me know here (comments are screened, in case it's for a present).

ETA: Paypal works, as does cash if I'm likely to see you. Cheques get forgotten about. I'll order on Friday 9th - a week tomorrow.


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