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2 cats + 2 worming tablets = gore and A&E and smug cats and entirely separate tablets, right?

Oh no. I know pilling fu. I have no additional holes (in me or clothing), the cats looked surprised & briefly disgruntled, then forgot all about it. And this from the cats who used to need 2 people, a towel and gardening gloves to get wormed.

Go Me :)
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Cleo's foot this time, complete with proof that a black cat can have white pubes. More pictures in the gallery from today, cos she was being so fuzzy and smily at me :)


Nov. 30th, 2006 10:00 am
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Anyone have any idea why Pootle felt it essential to jump on my head at 3am and trample it, while turbopurring like a DBS and dribbling in my ear? So essential, in fact, that even being pushed off twice didn't stop her; she just bounced off the floor & right back onto the pillow again.

Of course, that just woke Sausage up, and he bounced on my ribs until I rolled over & let him snore on my tummy. I'm glad someone got a good night's sleep.

Is this what they call being pussywhipped?
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Having a cat curl up on my lap & purr lots = lovely.

Having a cat curl up on my lap & purr lots, then fart, then hiccup so both smells reach me at the same time = chemical warfare. How can so much stink come out of such a small cat?

I apologise for the weather. It's my fault. The last time I left my umbrella at home it rained, too.

Told you.

Apr. 27th, 2006 09:27 am
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I knew I'd forget something. I didn't expect it to be Jeremy Clarkson & the knob of butter.

We walked past a shop selling jacket potatoes with "fillings you've never dreamed of". Naturally, I had to point out the extent of things I *have* dreamed of (though not, admittedly, as baked potato fillings). Hence [livejournal.com profile] faerierhona got the mental image of Clarkson spreadeagled across a piping hot potato, with a strategically placed knob of butter. And only then realised what she'd implied :)


Other stuff.

My Employers have been recognised as a Stonewall Diverstiy Champion. This is rather good.

The Bridgewater Hall, which I visited yesterday to collect details of its lunchtime concerts, has a capacity of 2,397. This struck me as very odd; why not make the usable space that little bit larger, for a nice round 2,400? The concerts do sound good - everything from jazz to piano / violin duets, a baroque set, and all free and over lunchtime.

[livejournal.com profile] brute_force? Get your coat, you've pulled. Pootle has barely moved from where you slept, and keeps rolling around & behaving like a little catnipped-up hussy. This is most out of character for her.


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