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Apr. 27th, 2006 09:27 am
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I knew I'd forget something. I didn't expect it to be Jeremy Clarkson & the knob of butter.

We walked past a shop selling jacket potatoes with "fillings you've never dreamed of". Naturally, I had to point out the extent of things I *have* dreamed of (though not, admittedly, as baked potato fillings). Hence [ profile] faerierhona got the mental image of Clarkson spreadeagled across a piping hot potato, with a strategically placed knob of butter. And only then realised what she'd implied :)


Other stuff.

My Employers have been recognised as a Stonewall Diverstiy Champion. This is rather good.

The Bridgewater Hall, which I visited yesterday to collect details of its lunchtime concerts, has a capacity of 2,397. This struck me as very odd; why not make the usable space that little bit larger, for a nice round 2,400? The concerts do sound good - everything from jazz to piano / violin duets, a baroque set, and all free and over lunchtime.

[ profile] brute_force? Get your coat, you've pulled. Pootle has barely moved from where you slept, and keeps rolling around & behaving like a little catnipped-up hussy. This is most out of character for her.
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Pictures of my knitting:

here, and here.

See, I *told* you it looks like a rectum.

It's actually going to be a Klein bottle hat. I'm hoping it looks less - erm - biological when I start the shaping.

(and a couple more of Jasper & Jeremy)
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I'm sure people my age aren't supposed to like Jeremy Clarkson quite this much.

Anyway, I meant to mention the cinema, specifically Inside Man (which wasn't set in a men's sauna) and V For Vendetta.

IM was very good. Chiwetel Ejiofor is fantastic, even without a skirt & whip, Clive Owen was pretty good, and Willem Dafoe superb in a small part. It's clever, understated and stylish, and I'm definitely adding it to my wish list.

V was better. I love Alan Moore's work (though I haven't read this one), I love his literary and historical references, and I love his style. I loved the number of British actors. I love Stephen Fry (always worth the price of admission, ridiculously overpriced snacks and petrol) and I loved how the police in a dystopian future drive Rovers... Yup, this one's going on my list as well, along with the book.

(I also love the MC12 on my calendar this month, but that's a tangent.)
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Car show pictures (including the positively pornographic Griffith interior) are here.

Lavender Hill Party photos (in which I didn't get killed by a mob) are here.

Weasel knitted me a set of Knit!Gear people, and the natural thing to do was to stuff jeremy into the catnip tub to marinate for a couple of weeks. This is the result. I love Jasper's guilty looks :)

One of the Very Important Things that I meant to say last night was this: [ profile] pink_weasel and [ profile] very_true_thing have an onion chopper that apparently causes the onion to explode all over the kitchen. The original plan was for them to use this to dispose of my body, after bumping me off with the spike on the distaff that Weasel doesn't have.

My vastly superior plan is to scale up the onion exploder and use it on caravans :)

(Nor did I mention the Herby and Spicy panty liners, or the Midnight Ping Pong Playing Bus Drivers.)
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Remember this bear? (Points at icon)

It's been nameless for 5 years. [ profile] tooth_fairy has finally come to her senses, but is naming it by LJ poll, here.

I *refuse* to have had anything between my legs with the same initials as Jeremy Clarkson. Go help save me :)


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