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Copypasting from FB because I'm not rewriting all this.

Right. ‪#‎WSPD‬. Deep breath Content warning, if you couldn't guess. )
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This lurgy appears to be viral. Possibly not flu, after all, but certainly energy-sapping and 'orrible.

I spent most of Christmas Day (and Christmas Eve, and Boxing Day) in bed, comatose. I did manage some turkey and sprouts (mmm, sprouts) and then went straight back to bed. I can just about (even now) cope with half an hour or so of concentration (for example, winning Scrabble) and then need Yet More Sleep.

Most disturbingly of all, I've been off tea.

Dad managed to prove that he's not always an arse (although I might have slept through evidence to the contrary) and decided that his screaming flying monkey was the best present he'd ever got.

Today I'm in the office, theoretically finishing the UK tax return but in actuality trying to concentrate and focus. So far, 2 out of 3 people have told me I look like death cooled down.

Both Yuletide and Scribblemoose are blocked from work. Bah, Humbug. Speaking of Yuletide, though, I got an adorable Antique Bakery fic and an equally adorable and Terribly Manly Fenndom one, too! Hurrah for gaily ejaculating soldiers! AND! Despite the author reveal not happening until 1 Jan, I've been recced! (Only once, but That's Not The Point.) Whee!

Ok; all that was far too exciting. I'm going to stare blankly at a spreadsheet again for a bit.


Feb. 27th, 2008 02:08 pm
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Gojyo's brain is broken.

As well as a new battery (and indicator & headlamp bulb), his ECU is faulty - hence it lighting the EMS light for catalytic converter problems when there wasn't actully anything wrong with the cat.

A new ECU has to be ordered in. A new ECU costs £760, plus half an hour labour.

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For I have lost my motivation; I've checked under the sofa & it's nowhere to be found.

For I have mind-numbingly dull work to do, with no prospect of it ending, & can't even think of anything else I'd rather be doing for a full-time job.

For TG Magazine is full of pretty shiny cars and pretty shiny people, and all of them are out of my league and have left me thoroughly dissatisfied with my lot in life.

For I should be feeling Full Of The Joys Of Spring, but have nobody suitable with whom to practise Joyfulness.

For I should be happy that Mum is 5 days away from having her surgery, which will leave her with only radiotherapy to go, but can't because it would be Tempting Fate.

For repeated dietary lapses and laziness have meant that I've lost no weight for a fortnight.


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