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Ok; my official finishing time was 1:17:14 (placed 18272 out of 25,000 starters), according to the Great Run site. Other work people (all but one being super-fit gym bunnies) managed 1:00:57, 1:07:14, 1:09:59 and 1:19:12. Colour me smug.

We all have aching legs (mainly quads, though my shins are slightly sore too). Interestingly enough (are you reading this, [livejournal.com profile] brute_force?) I'm the only one who isn't also suffering with back pain.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me; including the offline donations I raised £400 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.
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Next time I have a bloody stupid idea, somebody remind me about this one.

On the bright side, being unable to breathe meant I couldn't run fast enough to make my legs ache too badly.

Anyway; round about 1 hour 19 mins, less whatever time the clock was showing by the time I got across the start line. Not bad, considering. It's not too late to sponsor me (please?). I might not have been caught on camera (at least, not the bits the BBC showed) but I did get my name & corset mentioned in the scrolling banner along the bottom of the screen (at about 5.15, on top of a bloke in a Pink Panther costume...).

It rained, lots. I'm very glad I was with the Marie Curie people, and had a tent to stand in beforehand, and that I'd got changed at the gym and so had access to a hot shower and hairdryers (very useful for drying out squelchy socks).

The course had been tweaked slightly from when the maps were sent out; I didn't have to run past Bentley, but instead Bauer Millett around 100 yards from the finishing line. Any further back & I'd have stopped to lick the window; there was a Morgan Roadster (not to mention the red Corvette) behind all the crowds...

If I keep this gym lark up, I'd like to aim for an hour next year (without corset).
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Hurrah for Mickey & running away to Paris :)

I still don't understand why becoming a cyberman would be so horrible. Ok; you'd have no emotions, but you wouldn't care that you had no emotions, because you had no emotions.

I can't figure out how to (a) turn .wma files into mp3s, or (b) how to get wmas to play on my phone (the Sony Ericsson W800i).

[livejournal.com profile] strangefrontier, I paid your cheque in today - thank you! Whee, Maiden!

Diet is on hold untilafter the run. I'm not daft. Interestingly enough, I slept wonderfully last night after a 9 1/2" pizza and potato wedges. I wonder whether tonight's Full Vermonty will have the same effect?

What exactly is the point of last.fm? It's tracking what I play, withthe exception of the interesting-and-therefore-badly-tagged things, but - what else? Can I download songs? I've only found the 30sec samples so far. I don't get it.
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The instructions & map for the Great Manchester Run arrived today.

1. I'm in the pink wave. Orange is first, for world champions and serious runners, then white for almost serious, then green for fit people, then pink for those who might fall over & litter the route. Pink! Bah.

2. I have to run, near enough, from my office to [livejournal.com profile] vulgarcriminal's, via the Man U stadium, and back again. Holy crap.

3. PINK!

4. The route goes past Bentley Manchester twice. I'm supposed to keep running and not stop to press my nose up against the window & rub around the ankles wheel arches of the display models. Sheer, unadulterated, cruelty.

Should anyone want to come & cheer me on, I'll be geting changed in the office then meeting up with the rest of the Marie Curie team in their marquee in Albert Square until about 10.15. There's rom to watch by the side of the route, a big screen will be set up, and I'll be carried back to the Marie Curie tent afterwards. I'll grab a shower at the gym, but then lunch would be nice if anyone's interested in meeting up.

And the Beeb are showing it, later that night I think. I doubt I'll show up in the actual race footage, since I'll be starting after most of the first wave has finished, but there are always a few shots of "runners of all ability" (read: unfit nutters). And I'll put money on being the only one there in a steel boned corset...
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Remember the main reason why I signed up to a gym? It's the BUPA Great Manchester Run on 21 May, and I'm running (for certain definitions of "running") it in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. It'll be perfect timing, considering Mum's progress.

Realistically, I can't run 10km. Instead of being Just Another Shambling Lump, I'm going to power walk the thing wearing a corset and my "I have the boobies, so I win" (rather appropriate) t-shirt.

Anyway, I've finally got round to setting up an online webpage for sponsorship, at http://www.justgiving.com/jenny_allcock - it's not fancy, but it does the job, and I'd be very grateful for any contributions.


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