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- Boozy weekend, first with [livejournal.com profile] vulgarcriminal and others, including Real Life Friends, then SB. Shrublette likes my lap as well as my floppy doggy ears (*facepalms*). Pugsley tried to go to sleep in my sleeve.

- Week off the gym hasn't hurt. Ran faster than usual. Go Me. Next stop, the Great North Run (half marathon) next year. Still no endorphin rush, but is bloody nice to get better at something I was always rubbish at.

- Bumped into [livejournal.com profile] neilhist; me on way to lunch, him on way to gym. Hmmmm, maybe this is why he's doing better at the shaping up thing than me?

- Ate All The Garlic In The World (with a bit of chicken & rice) at Koh Samui. V Nice Thai food. I smell now.

- Saw Quattroporte & Vantage. V Nice. Still want an Alfa Spider, though.
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Only 9 days to get fit for The Great Manchester Run. Managed 25 mins on the treadmill and 25 mins on the recumbent bike yesterday and Wednesday, but am getting more concerned about weather and passing muggers. Led Zep makes for excellent running music. So long as it's the 70s in my head, can ignore pain.

Ate 1700 Cals yesterday. Had more energy & couldn't get to sleep. Hmm.

Garden is jungular due to busy weekends / evening gym / wet weekends. Cats like it. Many, many cats like it. Have seen several Random Tabbies and one Random Tortie leaving it (though none entering. Perhaps have Cat Genesis Machine buried under lawn?)

Have non-specific Worry Syndrome atm. It's not Mum; she's coming out of hospital today and isn't even feeling hungover from the anaesthetic. Think it's more general dissatisfaction with just about everything atm, with nothing to Woo! about unreservedly.
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Thank you [livejournal.com profile] karohemd!

My birthday present arrived today - an A4 binder with a selection of the photos taken (incuding these two, which are possibly my favourite pictures of me evereverever)during Ozzy's visit last September printed out, and a DVD of all of them :)

Then I opened the curtains and looked out of the patio doors into the face of a large fox. A gorgeous, huge, well-fed fox, in my back garden. It stared at me for a while, then trotted off into the bushes at the bottom of the garden. I hope it comes back; I put out some cat food for it. Jasper didn't seem bothered at all - he was watching it with me & seemed only mildly interested.

In which Freud would have a field day with my similes )
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1692 - The Salem witch trials begin in Salem Village, Massachusetts.
1896 - Henri Becquerel discovers radioactivity.
1978 - Charlie Chaplin's coffin is stolen from a Swiss cemetery.

1810 - Frédéric Chopin, Polish-French composer and pianist (d. 1849).
1944 - Roger Daltrey, English musician (The Who).
1954 - Ron Howard, American actor, director, and producer.

Nobody I wanted to C&P in here.


Grump. This morning was fun playing with spreadsheets. Now is answering an e-mail from the dimmest client In The World Ever.

Now I've decided what car I want next (in the real world; there's not much point saving up for an F430), I want it now. Dammit. [livejournal.com profile] princesspy is a Bad Influence. So, if anyone knows of an Alfa Spider, in black (or silver, but preferably black) with a hard top, please point me at the owner & I'll offer them Cold Hard Cash. Or maybe a bankers draft.

I want to get things done this weekend because I want to get them done, not because I've let them slip due to being ill / exhausted / away. My housework slaves are on strike, I need to sort out stuff for [livejournal.com profile] fire_kitten and to post [livejournal.com profile] karohemd's birthday present. I'd rather like to get the lawn mown & the car washed & checked, but those are going to have to wait.

I've drawn Joes Edge in the Grand National sweepstake. 25-1 at the last we checked, but with colours I don't like.

I want to know what happens next in [livejournal.com profile] annwfyn's story.

Question: If you *know* you're jealous of an acquaintance, what do you do when you start wishing harm to befall their possessions? Not them themselves (I'm not in that much of a bitchy mood), just "Oh No! What a shame you spilt paint all down your Armani suit!" kind of way.

I can't stop eating; I've been ravenous all week, for things like nuts & flapjacks & fatty/proteiny things. But I managed to jog-with-bits-of-walking 3.2km last night, in 26 minutes. This is why man invented the car. *nods firmly*


Feb. 28th, 2006 10:23 pm
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I'm going to hurt tomorrow.

I've just done exercise for the first time in over a year. I joined a gym ("Sienna" at the Radisson Edwardian) on a 6-week trial membership and had my induction session this evening, and boy have I got unfit.

Still, I managed to run a Whole Kilometre (yeah, yeah, I know) which is more than I expected to be able to do. The aim is to be able to run 10k by the time of the 10k run (even though I'll be walking that; it'll be nice to know I *could* run it, if I don't wear the corset). Realistically, I'll settle for running 5k in half an hour by the end of the 6 weeks, which will improve me slightly from the point I was doing the 5k fun runs a few years ago (and generally managing around 40 minutes, which I blamed on the Ridiculous Hills in the courses).

If it removes my spare tyre, saddlebags & jowls (which I didn't have a year ago), I'll be happy. In the meantime, the Molton Brown toiletries in the changing rooms don't hurt.
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I've just paid £26 for the privilege1 of running2 10km through Manchester City Centre on 21 May.

It's the Great Manchester Run, sponsored by BUPA, and I'll be running2 with the Marie Curie team. Possibly foolishly, I've told them I'll be doing it in fancy dress (as an excuse to walk), and on the application form explained that I'll be running2 in a corset in "support" of Mum's breast cancer.

As well as that, MC have offered to cover me in daffodils. If anyone wants to sponsor me, I'll be most grateful.

Like I said. I must be mad.

1 Oooh look, I can spell.
2 For "running", read "walking".


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