Sep. 12th, 2015 10:50 am
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I went to see this last night, and it's brilliant. I'm not a huge Tom Hardy fan (I don't dislike him at all; I love his attitude re Mad Max, but I don't go all weak at the knees) but he was absolutely amazing.

About the only thing that spoiled it for me was getting distracted looking at the 2 sets of makeup used to make each of the twins look subtly different; it was absolutely flawless. They'd even managed to give them different scars (not from in-film injuries; old, healed ones).

Yes, there's violence; in terms of goriness it's not half as bad as some 15s, but because it's so realistic (i.e. not ridiculous over the top fantasy one-shot-and-they're-dead minimally bloody fantasy style, it's a lot more affecting and very believable.

I came away actually feeling really sorry for Ronnie; he might have been a decent person, were it not for his upbringing Reggie, and his intermittent refusal to take the tablets intended to control his schizophrenia. (It's unlikely that he'd ever not be violent, I reckon, but it could have been so much less bad than it ended up.) Meanwhile Reggie came across as the worst sort of charming, charismatic manipulator; more intentionally violent, rather than unable to control his impulses.

There's an off-screen marital rape scene at one point. It's very brief and, as usual with me, most upsetting because it reminds me how recently that was criminalised.

I don't think I want it on DVD; it's in no way a fun or feelgood film, so I can't think when I'd feel like rewatching. That doesn't stop it being very, very good.
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