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Dear LJ Genie,

I'd like to get singing lessons. I cna find a teacher easily enough; that isn't my question. What I'm wondering about is this:

Am I too bad to bother?

I have pretty near perfect pitch. I can tell when 2 notes are within a recognised interval of each other (though I can't name that interval, or the notes). I can tell when one instrument in a band or group of up to 10-12 people is out of tune. I can tell when I'm singing out of tune.

I sing out of tune a lot. A few things I can stay in tune with (mainly John Lennon, the Carpenters, and the Eagles) but most end up being between what I think are two separate registers. Singing along with most women, I feel as if I'm singing falsetto, or have to cross back & forth over the break in the middle of my so-called range, but I *can* get lower than almost every woman I've met.

Thing is, I have no idea how to fix it, how to improve my tone, or how to remember what a particular note feels like to sing. I don't want to be an opera singer, or even be good enough to join one of the big choirs - I just want to be able to sing in the car with the windows down.

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