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Splatnosti - Czech for Maturity.

Podpis = Polish for Signature.

Please, someone, tell me some English words are just as entertaining in other languages?
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My mother has just sent me a link to an obituary of a Lithuanian politician.
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Mum's ears have healed up (properly, not just "push it through and it'll be ok" healed over). She wants to get the re-pierced.

- She agrees that Claire's Accessories is a Bad Plan;
- She agrees that proper piercing places are much better; but
- She *really* doesn't like the captive ball / barbell style or earring that piercing places use.

Are there any sensible halfway houses she could try?


May. 21st, 2010 10:36 am
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I'm thinking of trying out Sacrilege (Q Club) tonight. I don't want to turn up on my own like a Billy No Mates (and also, if I leave it until club opening times to go out,I'll be asleep).

Is anyone going who doesn't mind me meeting up with them for a drink beforehand?
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The Plan:
Get up, have breakfast, go & get a haircut, drop shoes off at charity shop (see, I *do* get rid of them as well as buy more!), buy some Handel, come home.

The Reality:
Get up, have breakfast, go & get a haircut, drop shoes off at charity shop, buy a bicycle, come home.

Depending on whether I believe [livejournal.com profile] cabd (who kindly reassured me I didn't make a huge mistake) or the bike shop man, it's a late 70s / early 80s Raleigh, with 3 speed gears. I actually managed to ride it most of the way home without falling off of having to stop for breath (though I did walk the Victoria Road bit, what with traffic & such). It's old, grubby, and lovely :)
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Nigel Morris of Deloitte is an arse.

Actually, I take that back; I quite like arses.

Nigel Morris of Deloitte is someone who I'd rather chew my own arm off than ever speak to or see again.

We've just had him explain a flexible benefits car scheme to us. Sure, he knows his stuff. However, anyone who thinks that the phrase "go and rape your local dealer for information" is at any time appropriate, doesn't deserve our business. Or yours. Please, anyone with any sort of decision making capability - don't give Deloitte any business - and explain it's because of Nigel Morris. It's the only language they do understand.
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AA Gill was talking out of his arse.
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Oh dear...

On checking Wikipedia, I'm rather surprised he didn't go to Oxford.

More Stuff

Mar. 12th, 2010 10:01 pm
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Nice Boots (and I say this as a person whose head is currently being used as a prop so a cat can wash his bottom).

Ahahahaha! (would that be an East German tour bus, given the symbol?)


I. Just. What? (Should have been "Latviaaaaaa!", not "Eesti!")

Yarn shopping with L from work tomorrow, because the yarn room doesn't have anything suitable. YES IT'S POSSIBLE.
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I know less what I want to be doing that what I want to have achieved.

I want to speak a second language well enough that, if I don't know a word, I can explain what I mean *in that language* and make myself understood.

I want to have passed my CTA qualification (which, atm, is looking as if it'll take the full 10 years...) and have had a promotion or two. At the moment, I'd be very happy for that to be in the company I work for now.

I want to be cohabiting with As-Yet-Unidentified-Partner in Cambridge. This, by necessity, will mean getting over certain of my Issues.

I want to have taken up music again and stuck with it for a change.

I want to have developed immensely powerful psychic powers and have used these to make my zombie ninja kitten army crush my enemies under their tiny wee paws and use their intestines for skipping ropes.



Feb. 7th, 2010 09:28 pm
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Does anyone else think "That's you, that is?" when they look at this?

(Hi to my regular Japanese spambot!)


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