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So I bunked out of work at 5pm, wandered over to Piccadilly and recaffeinated myself whilst waiting for the train. Thank heavens [livejournal.com profile] nannyo and Mup were waiting for me at the other end :)

Quite a while later, I was having anxiety at being so far away from a motorway and marvelling at the ability of Stubeedoo's cat simultaneously to purr and run away from everything (including a remote controlled dalek).

Got to Chez Wez, drank tea, had some of Blade Trinity inflicted on me (a dreadful film bar the vampire Pomeranian, but at least it gave me the words to describe the cock juggling thunder cunt...) and fell asleep on a very cool single seater futon.

Somewhat insanely, wore my pvc jeans & pinstripe corset to the Strawberry Fair. Somewhat interestingly, I only got hot & sweaty *above* the level of the corset. I think there was less variety of hippy tat than last year; I only bought a bat kite (and food), but we gotto the Chaos Science tent early enough for the demonstrations still to be going on :D Disappointingly, the box labelled "13W explosions" was only being used as a table, but I got to play on the conservation of angular momentum stool (New Rocks add to the effect when stuck out together with the hand weights), admired the lemon juice & bicarb explosions, and played with cornflour & water collapsible sausages. The demonstrators looked happy to have enthusiastic visitors, even if we were all at least 20 years older than they'd intended :)

Decided it was too hot to hang around and left via the Alley of Irritating Fact-Ignoring Political Stalls. Saw a woman dressed like a bee & surprised a shopkeeper by buying the Telegraph while obviously being one of those Fair-goers. Retired to [livejournal.com profile] professoryaffle's to be spoiled rotten. Saw many wonderful people, caught up with some I don't see nearly often enough, marvelled at the ability of eyeliner to do Disturbing Things to perfectly normal (looking) people, and shamelessly ogled [livejournal.com profile] redshira.

Possibl the best Doctor Who yet; certainly the only one to be scary, IMO. Hurrah for Cthulhue and Rocco :)

Somehow made it back to Chez Wez, peeled off clothes and collapsed. Both in the right place *and* after taking my contacts out correctly.

Don't remember much of the way back. I hope I didn't snore too much.

I do, however, hate Doncaster and everything to do with it with the burning heat of a thousand fiery suns. Just being driven to the station increases my stress levels to the point where I'm contemplating extra tablets or having a proper nervous breakdown, just so I don't notice it any more. Being stuck at the station for over an hour because my train was delayed numbed me just enough to wonder how Jeremy Clarkson & James May both escaped from the general area as unscathed as they are. Just how long does it *take* for conditioning to wear off, anyway?

Oooh, Top Gear. *Licks* Yes; I did enjoy that :) Hurrah for science (albeit edited) and Michael Gambon for understanding it :)

Today I mowed the lawn. Considering that it was more than cat-deep and starting to seed, I'm pleased that it only took an hour and a half.

Consequently, I've done nothing else today except go and get a takeaway curry. This is the first one I've had since starting to watch what I eat *properly*, and good grief, it's filling, gorgeous, and greasy. Yum, but it'll be doing me three meals at least.

Oooh; this is what Last.fm is for. I've been played Yes and Cream on my neighbour radio :)
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I've *finally* got neighbours on last.fm (I think having Iron Maiden & Neil Diamond tying for most-played artists confused it).

I'm entertained by the fact that the second suggestion uses The Stig as his userpic :)
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Hurrah for Mickey & running away to Paris :)

I still don't understand why becoming a cyberman would be so horrible. Ok; you'd have no emotions, but you wouldn't care that you had no emotions, because you had no emotions.

I can't figure out how to (a) turn .wma files into mp3s, or (b) how to get wmas to play on my phone (the Sony Ericsson W800i).

[livejournal.com profile] strangefrontier, I paid your cheque in today - thank you! Whee, Maiden!

Diet is on hold untilafter the run. I'm not daft. Interestingly enough, I slept wonderfully last night after a 9 1/2" pizza and potato wedges. I wonder whether tonight's Full Vermonty will have the same effect?

What exactly is the point of last.fm? It's tracking what I play, withthe exception of the interesting-and-therefore-badly-tagged things, but - what else? Can I download songs? I've only found the 30sec samples so far. I don't get it.


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