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[livejournal.com profile] toscas_kiss made a meme. I'm not capable of doing anything else atm, so here it is.

Give one song (and one song only!) that's a reminder of each five year period of your life, i.e. something you played a lot during that period that makes you instantly think of it. Here's mine:

0-5 (1974-79): Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head [1]
6-10 (1980-84): Making Your Mind Up [2]
11-15 (1985-89): Can I Play With Madness [3]
16-20 (1990-94): Welcome To The Jungle [4]
21-25 (1995-2000): Spice Up Your life [5]
26-30 (01-04): Desperado [6]
31-32 (05-06): Suffolk Miracle [7]

[1] Apparently I drove the Parent People crazy with a toy that played it repeatedly.
[2] I wasn't interested in music at all (othr than playing the recorder) but I remember people singing Bucks Fizz in the playground.
[3] Whee, I discovered music! Aged 14; I'm currently on my third copy of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, having worn out the original casette and then moved on from vinyl for convenience.
[4] When Axl used a bandanna to keep his hair off his face, not to cover his receding hairline. We used to play this a lot at the youth club I went to.
[5] Yeah, yeah. The Spice Girls were a big deal when they were new and the media hadn't told us all to hate Geri. I went to Turkey for a week after finishing ACA finals, and we played their albums every night before going out.
[6] For seeing The Eagles on tour at Earls Court, when Don Henley went on & on about how much he loves clotted cream (and how much he likes its name...) Desperado was the final encore, & I sang my lungs out.
[7] Oddly, this is the hardest of the lot. I'm listening to a huge mix of things and don't yet have anything concrete to tie to a memory. So I've picked something by Jim Moray, because [livejournal.com profile] nannyo introduced me to his stuff and she's someone I only met in the last couple of years.


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