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LJ keeps deciding that my password's changed. I've had to do the "lost password" thing twice now.

A Firefox question: I'm using version 1.0.6 and it *keeps* losing my favourites & recent sites in the drop-down bar. It happened once about 6 months ago, and has since been getting more & more frequent. This time, it took less than a week before they all went.

A gmail question: I dl'd the (Firefox, I think) extension that gave Gmail a delete button before the official one came out. Now there is an official one, it gets all mixed up with the addon and doesn't work. Where do I have to go to delete the original addon so Gmail can run free and frolic with bunnies?

I get to see [livejournal.com profile] nannyo this weekend :) You should all be jealous of me. Hell, I'm jealous of me ;) Oooh, and I get to take the 323 over the hills :)

Music recommendations: I've replaced my Brandenburg Concertos CD. I had the von Karajan version, and it was very Serious and Grave and Dull. Now I have the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (a fabulous, fabulous time) and it's superb and bouncy and happy and full of the joys of spring :) Itzhak Perlman's Bach Violin Concertos are all jolly and mathsy too (and have far, far more depth & resonance & harmonics than Nigel Kennedy's horrible playing), as are the incredibly cheap but wonderful Aradia Ensemble Water Music / Royal Fireworks. I do like Bach and Handel; they make maths audible and it's lovely & logical & numerical and exact. Hurrah for the physics of S&M!
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