Sep. 17th, 2010 06:18 pm
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Last minute decision: Anyone else fancy coming out tonight?

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Oh no, oh no, oh no.

I have a lovely new brown-n-grey dress, chocolate brown tights - and no co-ordinating shoes. Oh, what a personal disaster.

*Hits up the Clarks & Jones websites*
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] daegaer! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend with lots of good catbits and none of the aggravating ones :)

(And I'm still vety glad you liked your present :D)
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Just in case it needs saying:

Please don't crosspost any of your comments here to Facebook or Twitter. I shan't be doing so either.

I get enough multiply-crossposted spam to make me filter some people out. I dislike Facebook's idea of privacy. I think it's rude to post / tag / link without asking and only stop on request. I keep LJ for stuff I don't necessarily want known by people I know elsewhere.
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According to this, anyway. (via [ profile] feministe).
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Via [ profile] apiphile, this is all true. Despite using the word "cohabitate" (and if *I* could animate yarn into a handsome prince, I wouldn't marry it - I'd sell them and buy a private island Vilnius), it says everything I've wanted to put into words so often.
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Polskish will be mine! I've just paid the tuition fees for the Absolute Beginners course starting in the autumn! (Must learn how to say "Like, totally" :D)

Now to wrestle with my impatience and need for IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION. Hurrah, larnins for fun & not work!
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Last night, Elsa brought in a (live) frog. I manged (just) to catch it & let it go while she was (briefly) distracted.

At 3am this morning, she was scrabbling at the bed, trying to get something out. I couldn't see anything, so shut her out of the room & went back to sleep.

At 7am this morning, she started again, so I had a proper look.



That's going to be a fun job when I get home.
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Splatnosti - Czech for Maturity.

Podpis = Polish for Signature.

Please, someone, tell me some English words are just as entertaining in other languages?
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My mother has just sent me a link to an obituary of a Lithuanian politician.
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Mum's ears have healed up (properly, not just "push it through and it'll be ok" healed over). She wants to get the re-pierced.

- She agrees that Claire's Accessories is a Bad Plan;
- She agrees that proper piercing places are much better; but
- She *really* doesn't like the captive ball / barbell style or earring that piercing places use.

Are there any sensible halfway houses she could try?


May. 21st, 2010 10:36 am
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I'm thinking of trying out Sacrilege (Q Club) tonight. I don't want to turn up on my own like a Billy No Mates (and also, if I leave it until club opening times to go out,I'll be asleep).

Is anyone going who doesn't mind me meeting up with them for a drink beforehand?
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The Plan:
Get up, have breakfast, go & get a haircut, drop shoes off at charity shop (see, I *do* get rid of them as well as buy more!), buy some Handel, come home.

The Reality:
Get up, have breakfast, go & get a haircut, drop shoes off at charity shop, buy a bicycle, come home.

Depending on whether I believe [ profile] cabd (who kindly reassured me I didn't make a huge mistake) or the bike shop man, it's a late 70s / early 80s Raleigh, with 3 speed gears. I actually managed to ride it most of the way home without falling off of having to stop for breath (though I did walk the Victoria Road bit, what with traffic & such). It's old, grubby, and lovely :)


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